Terror Reid – Dead To Me (Prod by Getter)


(Prod. by Getter)

are u still there? can you hear me?
is this everything you thought that it would be?
or was it really just a game don’t lie
im seein signs
of the cold lies in ya eyes
you need a new car?
u need a louie bag?
stop crying baby girl why u doin that?
and if i had one wish
it’d be this,
our very own planet
with a bed n some netflix
a need a new fix, don’t need a new bitch
hope is gone none of this ever meant shit
and now my lips stay trembling
i knew i shoulda called that ambulance
cuz now your gone and he’s gone too
baby just look what u made me do
i didn’t wanna do it but i told u that i would
now u both dead in the woods

now i’m lying in a bathtub
eyes wet nose bloody
tryna find a way to make it all sound funny
but i can’t
separate my feeling like a man
like yo man
try and understand the death at hand
contemplatin on a ledge tryna take the edge off
wondering when you gonna take that mask off
ill back off and run away
try to head the other way
wont u stay? never mind
i kno you’ll find me baby take ya time

i focus on your diamond eyes
i wish i had the time to cry
but my mind is full and my heart so empty
ever since the day u left me
and that shits still burnin in my brain
i try to fight it but became friends with the pain
so fuck yo mane and fuck you u can’t havem
matta fact lemme grab my magnum
drivin too fast now
too drunk bout to pass out
got the window down to flick my ash out
pull up to the crib real shit
doors locked
find a window
cave it in
this is it
4 in the morning is when it all happened
found u both sleepin u were wearin his jacket
sweaty hands on the 45
u died w the same dead look in ur eyes