Terror Reid – Chernobyl

produced by – getter
shot by – @jauwsh
directed/edited by – getter

the mutha fuckin brain bug
im done givin hugs
done givin a fuck about a set of buns
or the bitch they belong to
spreadin news like fumes
hop out tha dark and twist you like a rubix cube
Ain’t rep a set, Ain’t got a jet, No chain yet
but ill cut ya legs off and wear em round my neck
so you can crawl ya bitch ass all the way back to mommy
and tell her all about the human tsunami

who the fuck is next to bite the end of my bat?
then ask ya self how terror reid got moves like that
well im a pimp with a limp cookin bitches like garlic shrimp
ya fuck around and catch a brick to ya lip
cuz i dont play that shit bitch
gun me down ill bet ya miss cuz
“its the triple 6 in the mix straight from H-E double hockey sticks”
and what the fuck is this?
ya probably spent ya whole label check on ya wrist

in other news
the pews are still huge and filled with soon to be doomed
confused goons with loose screws and skewed views
on life tools and whatever else
using kiddy-lovin’ elders to better they selves
well heres a newsflash, its 2017 and we aint dead yet
but that bitch in the back row could be gone any second
go ahead and eat the bread you callin “body of christ”
and sacrifice ya life, you’ll burn in hell if u dont act right

this shits a fuckin scam and half the nations brainwashed
time to seperate the wicked ones at all costs
ya lost bitch and so are ya kids
ya closed minded simple fucks bout to be the shits that ends all this
its all a lie
theres no magic guy in the sky
waiting for you when you die
so open your eyes, is you high?
i mean i should fuckin know ive already died 5 times
i swear to shit
matter of fact make it 6

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