[WATCH] Shambhala Live Featuring Getter – 2016 FULL SET


Getter, the infamous Pagoda Stage, only one phrase comes to mind…going off. With the light show firing at full throttle, the PK Sound system taking over, and Getter in his element, this was one of the most energetic shows of the 2016 Shambhala Music Festival. Relive the full hour and a half of musical mayhem on Shambhala Live.

Music courtesy of Getter: http://www.watthefrick.com/

Shambhala Films:
Executive Producers: Jimmy Bundschuh & Mitchell Scott
Stage Director: Robbie Campbell “Soup”
Director: Nick Waggoner/Sweetgrass Productions
Coordinating Producer: Zac Ramras/Sweetgrass Productions
Director of Photography: Michael Brown/Sweetgrass Productions
Multicam Producer: Jeremy Grant
Editor: Eliel Hindert

Camera Operators: 
Leo Zuckerman, Jason Mannings, Anthony Bonello, Dallas Sauer, Phil Collins, Nic Teichrob, Nick Waggoner, Mike Brown

Cable Camera Operators:
Zac Ramras, Kyle Metzger

Audio Field Recordist:
Matt Maddaloni

Drone Operator:
Donovan Ackerman

Production Assistants:
Jasmin Caton, Nic Godri, Sarah Miles