Another thousand at your face you gon remember me
Better run and hide
No ones safe you are no Friend to me
Blackmage and Buffet the sets everything else gna get a dagger up in your chest
Summoning baphomet I met him then I jump to my death

Pouya – swangin like an orangutan
blood stains gon hit the flo
I broke my nose and forgot my name
and who the fuck gon take me home ?
lost my phone in the pit
swang and a miss
kicked in the jaw for flaming a bitch
my eyes twitching from the blood drippin hunnid one thugs and they roll with me
got a midget mac in the Cadillac
with a thousand rounds that’ll send you back to your grannies house with your paintes out got you lookin like a fuckin faggot now
you can’t hang with me
stay low key that’s my mystique
grew a tree and bought a hammock
just to hang my feet

Ghostemane – I thought I’d be dead by now

Comin up and never going back
Never going back to when nobody had my back
Still I won’t crack a smile until the pain hits the brakes and just eases up off of me
Let me breathe
Let me breathe
Why can I not keep up with all of the
Brain fading
Leave me to die on the pavement

I never wanted this

I fucked that bitch
Till she bled on me
Under the trees at night
Dirt all on her hands and feet
Then left her red on read
Alone like she found me
I’m cursed to die alone I think I hear my daddy callin me

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