Pouya – Suicidal Thoughts in the Back of a Cadillac Pt. 2




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Produced by Mikey The Magician
Buffet Boys playlist: smarturl.it/buffetboys

Ima down south florida boi
aint goin back to hollywood
from da gutter to yo guts
let me ignite da firewood
still I roll slow in da chevy donk
never forget where I rose up from
spit on my face get rid of my funds
and who am I
just another guy
stuck in desperation
lookin at da ceiling fan
spinning around
havin a panic attack
I dont pop no pills cause it dont to take the pain away from me
I dont crack no seals cause it done took the gang away from me
I been known to pimp a hoe
got dirty loafers on my feet
bitch you got me mesmerized them thighs the size of me lemme slide inside yo body beef bitch I got my chain on ain’t a thang wrong with a broken frozen wrist
them suicidal thoughts inside the Cadillac won’t fade away another day I piss away another day don’t go my way
another hoe gon look my way
looking for a paper chase
but bitch im not da one so get your comfort from another
everything I did is crumblin beneath my feet im feelin lonely feelin like im only stuck with memories
take me back to what I was
take away what I’ve become
take away the grayer days
take da bullet out my brain
take my dick
out yo mouth an let me be myself
I wonder what da people around me think about me back to my shady ways I go pack da gat and let it blow
just let my lover brother mother sisters father know I love em
mikey I told told you we was gon be somethin
look at us now cause now we buzzin pressin buttons diamonds dancin by da dozen
nick I told you we would rise from nothin
look at the way they look at me now
rich forever blowing money til I’m senile
I got addicted to the money as I fell inside a hole
the cries and crowd get louder
the deeper that I go
nobody know what I been doing
tell myself I hate myself i can’t control the cards I’m dealt
I spent a lot time alone inside my room
thinkin about what I do if I knew you was on the fence about me too
I crash da whip an hit a bitch
an almost killed da bitch
an now im back in da caddilc with that black pistol grip
the AC dont work an im feelin like I was kid again feelin like I wasnt
getting in
with da cooler kids
how the fuck can I get out of this funk
If I dieee
you cryyy
then move onnn
the next dayy
Im ill advised
fuck you bitch
you cant even look me in my eyes


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