Pouya – Handshakes (Prod. Mikey The Magician)


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Produced by Mikey The Magician
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dont you turn back to me I made the land you walk today
I just want your loyalty
don’t let this be one more mistake
Inside plotting on me
outside hand shakes
Inside plotting on me
outside handshakes

I pour water on the roots of every rapper that I touch
pay yo homage when you see me sacrifice yo womans guts
as a retainer to yo life
baby dont wanna get involved with a man
I got some issues I cant be yo mr right
I pave my own lanes
I surf my own waves
I did it my own way
for that peso
I stack my queso
from the getgo
I was glowing
and flowin sicker
than most of these rappers
now they linger
around my finger watch out for my trigger
I cant rock with you bitch
you wanna be famous
poppin pussy for me lookin oh so shameless see me on the TV yellin out explicit language
fuck the population this degenerate generation


Produced By: twitter.com/_MXTXM

Art by: twitter.com/Gian_Lo