Greetings, Alexander! First of all, I want to thank you for agreement to be interviewed, it’s very important for us! Now, let’s begin
To start with, tell us how did you begin making bass music? How old were you, when you started music-making? What kind of lifeway did you pass before you became that person who you now are? 

I started writing music about 5 years ago! i was about 18. But i’ve always been into music, i loved playing guitar at a young age as well as messing around on keys!
I was studying and pursuing acting at the time that i discovered electronic music production. It was at the same time that i was relatively new and super excited by modern bass music genres such as dubstep and drum and bass. The whole idea of electronic sound fascinated me so! So i decided to download a copy of FL Studio and from there on a delved into the world of being a producer! It quickly became my primary focus!

We all know you’re writing your music in different genres and styles, getting from one extreme to another. Tell us what it looks like – to be a versatile person? What is it related with? 

I guess it just says a lot about my personality and the way i think about music! I feel that in order to capture my whole spectrum of emotion within music i have to write in various different styles! For instance if i want to portray a sense of happiness & euphoria, its not always so easy to get that across in dubstep, so thats why i like to write more melodic future stuff! The same goes for if i really want write a groovy danceable track i’m happy to work at a more house/breaks tempo & structure! It also allows me to stay excited as a producer, if i keep doing/writing the same sort of thing, i quickly get bored! I guess you could say i get really itchy feet – in music producer terms!



Have you ever had other projects? Are you planning some new projects? 

The idea of starting a new project has always been tempting for me. But i figured i always wanted Axel Boy to represent everything about my love for music, i didn’t feel it necessary to create a new identity just to release other styles of music, i decided to keep it all under one bracket!
You dealed with lots of different labels and producers, tell us, what does it look like? Is it actually captivating? 

A lot of working your way up as an artist is about getting your name out there and creating relationships with labels and producers alike. But yes it definitely has its ups and downs! Sometimes i need to remind my fans that i’m not actually signed to any label exclusively. So i will release with whoever suits the style. But at the moment i’m self releasing singles, which is way easier! As for producers i love working with people from all over the bass music spectrum, it is certainly captivating to blend sounds with another producer especially if you can learn a thing or two from them!

By the way, you released your new EP on NSD: Black Label recently, which is one of the most progressive and interesting dubstep EP at the moment. Lots of famous DJs are playing tracks from this EP to this day. How did you come to such an unusual sound and sound-design? 

I guess that EP just summed up my whole take on bass music sound design for the whole year. I’d taken some time off of writing dubstep with my last EP’s on Buygore being Future and Breaks/bass-house EPs. So i had lots of fresh ideas in mind that i was keen to try out! I managed to get on a bit of a roll and the sounds just kept coming! I was able to finish that EP in a matter of months with is quite quick for me. But that shows how inspired i was at the time!
Your track “Break It” was supported by Skrillex on OWSLA Radio and this is not a mystery at all. Tell us about your reaction when you found it out? Were you surprised? Maybe shocked? 

I was very pleased! It was great to hear him shout me out as well, its nice to know he recognises. He has also been playing out his own edit of ‘Phantom Pain’ in his sets which is surreal to think he’s edited one of my tracks.
Perhaps you should tell us a little more about your future tracks? What are you planning to do in the future? Should we wait your releases on Never Say Die Records? 

At the moment i’m just focussing on releasing singles myself without labels. I’ve always just released EP’s so i figured it best to take some time off & just release singles. That way i can keep up the stream of releases consistently. But there will be more label releases soon enough, with who that is yet to be seen! You can expect more originals, remixes and some serious collaborations in the new year!

What is your opinion about bass music’s future? 

As long as producers keep forward-thinking & as long as people still crave the feeling bass flowing through their bodies then i think it’s here to stay!
At the end of the day the world is going electronic, so for that reason alone i have faith in believing electronic music has a lot more to give in the future!


Do you know somebody of Russian producers? Have you ever heard about public pages? What is your attitude to Russia? Do you want to visit this country? 

I used to love Tim Ismag in the early dubstep days! pretty sure he’s Russian!? I’ve heard of and i’ve glanced at it before but i really struggle to understand the Russian language haha! But i’ve heard great things. Definitely, i want to visit every where in the world. Russia is a must!
We have many beginning producers in our public, and they want to hear some exhortation words from you. How could you motivate them? Please do it max-originally! 

Don’t doubt yourself. Make what you want to make & be yourself work hard on your craft develop relationships with people in the scene (once you reach a good standard networking is KEY) enjoy writing music!!!!