Management: Steven Pahel

Born in Las Vegas, Aweminus (pronounced ominous) has manifested into one of the most promising emerging artists in bass music. Since 2012, his unique take on dubstep and drum & bass has garnered the support of artists such as Excision, Rusko, 12th Planet, Funtcase, Skism, and many more.
Aweminus aka Brandon Famini first became known within the dubstep community after promotional clips of his early productions, “Viper” and “The Beast” began circulating on Youtube in early 2012. Since then he’s had many releases with legendary labels such as NSD: Black Label, Bassrush Records, Calypso, Rotten, Dub Damage, Circus Records’ DPMO, Disciple Round Table, Bassweight Records, Co-Lab Recordings, and Brooklyn Fire Records.